Apr 212010

Interesting reading over at Murray’s Brewing Company blog, those guys don’t pull any punches when it comes to this sort of stuff.

The licensee and food and beverage manager really want to put “SodaBrew” (owned by “MegaCompanyA” ) on tap and due to thier restrictive tap agreement with “MegaCompanyB” the Whale Ales got to go!

Funny business going on here 2 corporate gorillas squeezing the little guy into oblivion.

I guess this is the sort of BS I’ll be dealing with once the brewery is up and running.

As an educated beer lover you can help by boycotting the foreign owned mega breweries that practice these shenanigans and instead supporting your local craft brewers and the pubs that stock them.

Apr 202010

Don’t want to give away location etc. just yet but I’ve just made initial contact with the council where the brewery will be located, I’m expecting to have to jump through a fair few hoops to get this one approved but fingers crossed it won’t be too bad.

One thing I do have in my favour over people who have done this before me is that the council already has at least one brewery within it’s borders, hopefully we’re not treading too much new ground here.

Will keep you all posted!

Mar 112010

I intend to quit my current job and become a brewer (and a farmer, although that’s another story).

That’s the plan (dream?) anyway and this blog is where I intend to document the entire adventure from start to finish. Stay tuned.