Jul 242010

Brewing today and I’ve been asked to brew a beer for the upcoming wedding of my fiancées sister, as neither of the couple are really beer drinkers I’m thinking light, fruity, crisp, refreshing… something between a Knappstein and a Mac’s Hop Rocker.

New Zealand hops seem like a no brainer for this one – Nelson Sauvin and Riwaka flowers should do the trick.

A simple grain bill, mostly Pilsner malt with a touch of crystal malt for colour and subtle flavour.

A nice lager yeast, it just so happens I have a smack pack of Wyeast 2124 sitting in the fridge that should do nicely.

So, the recipe:

23l Batch

5kg Weyermann Pilsner
0.4kg Weyermann Carahell

Single Infusion, Batch Spage @ 68 deg C for 60 minutes

90 Minute Boil

22g Nelson Sauvin Hop Flowers (11.4%AA) @ 60min

15g Nelson Sauvin Hop Flowers (11.4%AA) @ 15min
15g Riwaka Hop Flowers (5.4%AA) @ 15min

15g Nelson Sauvin Hop Flowers (11.4%AA) @ 0min
15g Riwaka Hop Flowers (5.4%AA) @ 0min

Ferment something like:

10 days @ 10 deg C
1 day @ 14 deg C (diacetyl rest)
20 days @ 0 def C (lagering)

A bit of an experiment but on paper it looks delicious! I just hope I can resist drinking it until the wedding in October!

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