May 032010

Had my first bottle bomb ever this morning.

The cause? An infected batch of Heffe I brewed a couple of months back. I knew it was infected because I’d already thrown a keg off the vile stuff onto the orange tree a week or two ago but for some reason I’d neglected to empty the contents of two long necks I had left conditioning in the dining room. That could have been a very costly mistake.

The bottle explosion was triggered by my partner brushing one of the bottles with her foot while walking past it. The explosion was loud enough to hear upstairs under the running water of the shower and big enough to send glass and beer a good 6+ metres in every direction all of which somehow managed to avoid hitting her.

I won’t be making a mistake like that again, if any of the glass had of hit her, or a child or one of the dogs had of set the bottle off it could have been much worse.

Who would of thought an unidentified microscopic organism could do so much damage?

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